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Calligraphy on Kakejiku – Zanshin 「残心」 ("Lingering Mind")

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All Japanese martial arts are built around the concept of zanshin. Generally translated as "lingering" or "remaining mind," it's the relaxed alertness that a fighter maintains after a successful strike (in order to prevent being retaliated upon by the opponent). In some competitive martial arts, such as kendo or naginata, zanshin is required after a strike, for it to be considered valid.

Some martial arts adopt an alternate version of zanshin 「残身」in which "mind" is replaced by body, emphasising posture and attitude following the attack.

Zanshin is also an important component of the tea ceremony. The revered tea master Sen no Rikyu (1522-1591) said that when putting away each utensil, one should do so with the same emotion as when parting with a lover. The essence of zanshin is giving both a discarded tool and the next utilized one the equal amount of attention.


About the kakejiku

This Maru Hyōsō style kakejiku is made in Japan with high quality kifune donsu. The honshi is made of high grade gasen-shi, a traditional paper made of natural fibres used primarily for sumi-e (brush painting) and calligraphy.


About the kiri (paulownia) box

Kiri, known in the West as paulownia, is a lightweight wood that has a distinctive silky surface. Kiri is commonly used to make furniture, musical instruments, and storage boxes due to its unusual fibre structure, which renders it nearly impervious to moisture. It also has a great insect resistance since it contains a lot of tannin.


Hanging system

All kakejiku have a braided lace at the top that is used to hang the composition as well as tie the scroll up when it is stored in its kiri box. A single hook on the wall is enough to hang a kakejiku.


– Japanese Ink

– High quality Gasen-shi Japanese paper

– High quality Japanese Kifune Donsu

– Box: Japanese kiri (Paulownia) wood

Shipping & Returns

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Overall size: 123 x 44.5 cm

Weight: about 0.26 Kg

Kiri box size: 52 x 8 x 7.5 cm

Kiri box weight: about 0.37 Kg

Care Instructions

– Do not display under direct sunlight.

– Avoid hanging in rooms with very strong air conditioning, and very humid rooms.

– A kakejiku is made of delicate paper and fabric. Manipulate with care.

– When rolling up the kakejiku for storing in its box, do it slowly, without winding it too tightly.

- Store inside its kiri box in a room with low humidity.

More information on this page.

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