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Calligraphy on Paulownia wood – Michi 「道」("way")

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The notion of「道」(the "way" – pronounced or michi) is arguably the most fundamental in martial arts and traditional Japanese arts. It outlines a life of self-improvement rather than just focusing on techniques.

Michi is made up of a combination of characters: kubi "neck" and shin-nyo, which means forward movement whether traveling or pausing. Michi thus symbolises a man who walks a path. The concept of "way" has developed from the idea that people acquire their talents by repeatedly doing the same thing.

Zhuangzi (c. 369-286 BC), a Chinese philosopher, claimed that dao (the Chinese pronunciation for michi) is the underlying principle that governs both humans and the universe, but that it is intangible. It isn't anything that can be seen, heard or said. Michi is an intuitive path that transcends words.

Michi () is often used in Japanese to refer to an art form, such as kendō, judō, aikidō, tea ceremony (sadō), or flower arrangement (kadō). It implies that those disciplines are more than a game or a pastime; they are a path to enlightenment.


About kiri (paulownia)

Kiri, known in the West as paulownia, or sometimes princess tree, is a lightweight wood that has a distinctive silky surface. It offers a beautiful contrast with black ink.

Kiri were once sacred trees in China, because people believed that phoenixes only perched on their branches. Due to these revered origins, the Japanese imperial family adopted the kiri flower as one of its emblems towards the end of the first millennium.

In Japan, it was also customary to plant a paulownia when a girl was born. Later, when the daughter married, the tree would be cut down and transformed into a dresser for her kimonos.

Nowadays, kiri wood is often used to craft furnitures, music instruments or gift box.

Hanging system

This calligraphy features a set of metallic hooks and wire for hanging. These can be easily removed and replaced with your own system or frame if you wish to do so.


– Japanese kiri (Paulownia) wood
– Japanese Ink
– Oil-base permanent varnish
– Metallic hooks & wire

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Size: 35 x 35 x 1.8 cm

Weight: about 0.5 Kg

Care Instructions

Kiri is a very lightweight wood with low density and is thus delicate.
Manipulate with care and avoid collision with other objects.

The item is protected with an oil-base permanent varnish, and requires very little maintenance.

Do not display under direct sunlight.

Wood is a natural material and can warp slightly over time.

Calligraphy on wood

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