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Calligraphy on Kakejiku – Fudōshin 「不動心」 ("Immovable Mind")

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Fudōshin is a state of equanimity that martial artists and Zen practitioners strive for during their training. It literally means "immovable mind" in English, and can be equated to mushin, a state of mind free of any attachments. Fudōshin is associated with the guardian deity Fudō Myōō, who is generally depicted with a sword in his right hand to cut through illusions, and a rope in his left hand to bind all evil and excessive passions.

According to Pr. Tasaka Hiroshi of Tama University, science can sometimes help to understand such esoteric concepts. An experiment was carried out to see if fudōshin could be detected through brain waves. They monitored a student and a Zen master during a zazen meditation session. At first, both the student's and the master's brain waves were similar. The researcher then unexpectedly made a loud noise to startle them. Both brain waves were disrupted in some way. The Master's brain waves, however, soon restored to their previous state, whereas the student's graph revealed persistent signs of disruption.

This clarifies the true meaning of fudōshin: it is not a mind that is never disturbed, but rather one that can rapidly recover after being upset and return immediately to equanimity. 


About the kakejiku

  • Kakejiku size: 170 x 72 cm
  • Honshi size: 93 x 60 cm
  • Kakejiku weight: 480g
  • Kiri box size: 76.5 x 8 x 8 cm
  • Kiri box weight: 560g

Traditional kakejiku patterns are often rigid and elaborate, but I wanted to create something decidedly modern with the Kankū series. I wanted to create a beautiful minimalist aesthetic while still retaining the essence of handcrafted kakejiku. To accomplish this, I decided to eliminate ornamentation and accent lines like fūtai or ichimonji, as well as the protruding jiku-saki, and replace the old-school-looking donsu with a plain high-quality cotton fabric. We use cotton kireji that is produced and dyed in Japan. Plain simplicity imbues the Kankū kakejiku with a solemn aura, making it ideal for martial arts or zen dojos.

The honshi for this calligraphy is made of high-quality Nishinouchi washi, a traditional paper made in Hitachiomiya, Ibaraki Prefecture. It is composed entirely of mulberry, rather than mitsumata or ganpi (Japanese shrubs), as is common with washi paper. Nishinouchi paper was a Mito Domain specialty during the Edo period, and it was widely used throughout Japan. Nishinouchi washi is extremely durable and has great storage stability.


About the kiri (paulownia) box

Kiri, known in the West as paulownia, is a lightweight wood that has a distinctive silky surface. Kiri is commonly used to make furniture, musical instruments, and storage boxes due to its unusual fibre structure, which renders it nearly impervious to moisture. It also has a great insect resistance since it contains a lot of tannin.


Hanging system

All kakejiku have a braided lace at the top that is used to hang the composition as well as tie the scroll up when it is stored in its kiri box. A single hook on the wall is enough to hang a kakejiku.


– Japanese Ink

– High quality washi Japanese paper

– High quality 100% grown and dyed in Japan cotton Muji fabric

– Box: Japanese kiri (Paulownia) wood

Shipping & Returns

– Fully mounted kakejiku: shipped within 2 to 3 business days.

– Custom colour kakejiku: shipped in about 3 weeks.

Please see our shipping policy
and return policy.

Care Instructions

– Do not display under direct sunlight.

– Avoid hanging in rooms with very strong air conditioning, and very humid rooms.

– A kakejiku is made of delicate paper and fabric. Manipulate with care.

– When rolling up the kakejiku for storing in its box, do it slowly, without winding it too tightly.

- Store inside its kiri box in a room with low humidity.

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