Custom-made Calligraphy

Suiboku Shop - Custom made Japanese calligraphy

Tell me what you need

At Suiboku, we endeavour to provide you with beautiful calligraphy to help you create an authentic Japanese atmosphere in your dojo or training room.

I brush new artworks for the shop's three main series on a regular basis, but I can also make original works tailored to your specifications.

Creating calligraphy and a kakejiku that goes with it is a lengthy procedure with several steps. If you're thinking about commissioning a work for a special occasion or event, get in touch with us as soon as possible.


What do you want to brush?

First you need to tell me the words or kanji / kana (if you know them) that you would like me to brush for your custom order. Do you want a calligraphy of your Dojo's name, or your martial art's style? Would you prefer and old Japanese proverb or the words of a famous samurai? Let's talk about the content so we can choose a style!

It would be helpful to know where the calligraphy will be displayed. Will it hang on the kamiza, your Dojo's place of honour, or on a side wall? Would you want a more personalised item for your house or as a present for a friend? The general style of the calligraphy will be influenced by its purpose.


Calligraphy's support

Calligraphy does not have to be done on paper. Washi, of course, but also shikishi (traditional cardboard), wood, bamboo, canvas, Western paper, silk, and other materials have been used by artist calligraphers.

However, constraints relating to the type of support may exist, thus consulting with the calligrapher before selecting a material is essential.

  • Japanese Calligraphy - Suiboku shop

    Ink on yōshi (Western paper)

  • Heavy metal Japanese calligraphy

    Going Heavy Metal with ink and acrylic on kakejiku

  • Old poem - Japanese calligraphy

    Old poem brushed on canvas

  • Japanese calligraphy on bamboo - Miyamoto Musashi

    Miyamoto Musashi's Dokkōdō on a chikukan (bamboo scroll)

  • Suiboku shop - contemporary calligraphy art

    Modern calligraphy mixing Japanese ink, acrylic and denim fabric

Custom orders' price and delivery

The final price will be determined by the size of the calligraphy and the material of the support, or the kakejiku style. I'll email you a quote once we've agreed on all of the details. Orders are paid in advance and are non-refundable due to the high manufacturing costs associated with custom calligraphy. Delivery can take anywhere from one to four weeks, depending on the amount of work required to create the calligraphy. The quote will include a rough delivery estimate.

Contact us so we can discuss your project