About Suiboku Shop

Hello! My name is Naoko. I am the founder of Suiboku Shop. Thank you for visiting our online store.

A quick introduction:

Naoko Mikami in Kimono

Although not a practitioner myself, I have worked in connection with the Japanese martial arts world for more than 30 years, as a freelance translator and as a staff member of the International Budo University.

As a translator, I've collaborated with various organisations, including:

  • Nippon Budokan
  • Japanese Academy of Budo
  • International Kendo Federation
  • Kendo World Magazine
  • Hiden Magazine
  • Jukendo World website
  • Seido
  • Kusakura
  • Empty Mind Films
  • Chiba Budogu

I also run an ancient manuscript translation service called Japan Text Finders.


Why a calligraphy shop?

Japanese calligraphy - the way

For several years, I've worked as a calligrapher, creating both traditional and contemporary artworks. I've frequently been asked by foreign Budo enthusiasts to produce calligraphies for them that incorporate classic Japanese Zen or samurai wisdom. Many martial artists study ancient proverbs written on tenugui (a thin decorated hand towel), and some may wish to adapt those calligraphies into larger works of art to hang in their Dojo.

That is why I established Suiboku Shop. I want to help everyone who is dedicated to the practice of traditional martial arts and the preservation of Japanese culture around the world in finding the perfect calligraphy for their Dojo abroad, so that they can create a rich and solemn training environment for their students and give them a true Japanese experience.